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Harnesses are great for little dogs, flat-nose dogs (like Pugs) and dogs with neck or spine problems but can obviously be worn by any dog at all!

The tension of a collar can put pressure on the throat and trachea which can cause irritation, coughing, choking, or  in the worst case a collapsed trachea.

Because the harness straps are on the dog's chest, it relieves the neck from any harmful leash pressure. They can also be a useful tool for training your dog not to pull.

There are different types - so check out the bottom of the page for more info.


What is the difference between harnesses?

Step In Harness

As the name suggests, this type of harness provides a simple step-in, click the buckle and go option.  The harness is made up with a sternum piece which goes between the legs so the dog can literally "step-in" to the holes this creates.  You then pull the side up to meet on the back and click the buckle.




Roman Harness

This is the more traditional type that slips over the head, one leg is lifted up and then the buckle can be secured.  This harness is recommend for dogs who like to try to back out of their collars or harnesses.



All Harnesses help to remove pressure from the throat and neck, transferring it to the shoulders and chest.



Harnesses are all sized based on the adjustability of the girth.  Measure around the ribcage, just behind the front legs.

Click here for our Measuring Guide

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