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It is so important to have a collar that is functional yet stylish.  There's nothing worse than being dirty and stinky - unless of course you've just been playing in the mud so most of these products are machine washable.

I love all these collars and wear them for different occasions.

The Lupine collars all come with a guarantee for life, even if they are chewed - that's pretty amazing! If they get damaged, you just send it back for a completely new one..... WOW

Cycle Dog collars aren't for dogs who like to pedal - but they are made from the inner tubes of old bike tyres - that's pretty cool because they don't hold smells and won't fray or go mouldy!

Don't forget the Leucthie LED light collar - it's the best to be seen in and you really can be spotted on a dark night.  These come in 8 fantastic colours, so you can be a cool co-ordinated hound.

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