Natures Menu Frozen Food

Our office dogs are fed (and thrive) on Natures Menu frozen foods.  We stock the majority of the range but can also order anything available on our weekly delivery.

All staff are also Natures Menu Official Raw Advisors, so can answer your questions about feeding Raw.  We also understand that it isn't for everyone so have suitable alternatives that we think are the next best thing.
Some of our most popular sellers are in the frozen range are:

Complete Nuggets
Easy and convenient, a complete meal with added vegetables.  Available in 6 different flavours.  Available in 1kg bags.
Approx 60% meat with 40% fruits, veg and carbohydrates.

Country hunter nuggets
Country Hunter Nuggets
Grain and Gluten Free
A source of single protein
Available in 1kg bags in 9 flavours 
Approx 80% meat with 20% fruit and veg.




Just Meats
We also stock Freeflow minces (1kg bags of pure meat), 400g pure meat and meaty bones and chews - Chicken Wings are an absolute favourite!
Come and find us from Monday - Saturday, 9am to 5pm for advice and assistance, plus we love meeting dogs!  If you want to call then please do so on 01747 830021,