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Pet House - Car Fresheners

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Specially formulated to freshen pet-loving cars, our vehicle air freshener is exceptionally useful to eliminate pet odour and maintain a fresh, clean environment. They will make your car smell great! Tested in cars and other small spaces with pets to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Our pet-friendly car air freshener is non-toxic, allergen free and 100% dye-free.

  • Specially formulated to freshen pet-loving cars
  • Tested & proven to eliminate 99% of pet odours
  • No Dyes are used
  • Cruelty-free
  • Cute Paw Print Design

Seasonal Fragrances:

Pumpkin Spice is a warm and spicy favourite with a blend of pumpkin, cinnamon sugar, maple butter and vanilla bean.
Evergreen Forest  is a walk in the woods among coniferous pines, crushed leaves, redwoods and sweet balsam.


Available all year:
Fresh Citrus is a sparkling blend of fresh orange, lemon peel and sweet vanilla sugar.

Vanilla Sandalwood combines earthy scents of sandalwood, cedarwood, amber and musk with a touch of the sweet smell of vanilla and tonka beans.

Lavender Green Tea has a soothing and calming aroma of French lavender, green tea and white lily livened with crisp citrus, melon and warming sage.

Lilac Garden brings the fragrance of a blooming floral garden into your home by combining purple lilac with iris bloom, climbing wisteria, violet wood flower, sage flower and lavender.

Mediterranean Sea transports you to a turquoise ocean under blue skies and sunshine. This tranquil marine scent is blended with floral accents, lemon and lime, and a hint of sweet amber musk to create a clean refreshing fragrance.

Sunwashed Cotton combines classic, crisp, clean laundry fragrance with modern fruity scents. Enjoy smells of freshly laundered linens hung to air dry on a clear, sunny day.

Bamboo Watermint is a fresh and modern fragrance intertwining bamboo with a combination of water flowers, lemon, lime and peppermint.