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Leuchtie Plus LED Dog Collar

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Extremely bright illuminated collar, powered by AAA alkaline batteries with a lightng duration of approx. 100 hours.

Easy to Use: LEUCHTIE is slipped only over the head and switches on automatically by sensor when the battery part points downwards. If the battery part is hung up or facing skyward, it will automatically turn off after about 1 minute.

Extremely bright from all sides: Very bright and hand-selected Superflux LEDs make your dog clearly visible from all sides over many hundreds of metres. This is how we ensure maximum safety for dogs and humans.

100% waterproof: swimming and diving are easily possible.

Durable and reliable: LEUCHTIE stands for the highest quality: Extremely robust, absolutely reliable and since 2003 with over 100,000 units proven worldwide.

Protection against loss: An attachment loop is included to affix the LEUCHTIE to a collar or harness.

Intense fluorescent colours: Thanks to eye-catching colours and colour combinations, dogs are clearly visible over long distances and easy to distinguish.

How to determine the right size for your dog:

LEUCHTIE is pulled over the head as a closed ring. Therefore, not the neck, but the head circumference is crucial!

The LEUCHTIE size corresponds to the closely measured head circumference of the dog at the widest point.

The correct size can be easily determined: 

  1. Measure the head circumference of your dog at the thickest point - ie directly in front of the ears - with a measuring tape. If you do not have a measuring tape on hand, please take a thread or similar, which you can then measure with the help of a ruler. Please measure closely.
  2. Select the closest size. If the measurment falls between two sizes, select the larger LEUCHTIE closest to this measurement.