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Leuchtie Plus LED Dog Collars

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The Leuchtie Plus is an innovative, waterproof, German-designed LED light collar, which improves the visibility of your dog after dark and in low light. Thanks to patented sensor technology, the Leuchtie Plus has no switches or buckles, avoiding time-consuming fiddling in the cold and dark. Instead, simply place the collar over your dog's head, and its sensor will switch it on. Once your walk is over, take the collar off, hang it up, and it will turn off ready for next time. What could be simpler? 

  • 100% waterproof, 100% safe in wet weather or in water
  • 360° visibility over hundreds of metres
  • Switches on automatically when put over the dog's head
  • Extremely bright high quality Superflux LED lights
  • 2 year warranty and spare parts are available
  • Standard AAA batteries (no expensive 'hard to get hold of' batteries)
  • Additional strap to attach to your dog's regular collar

Sizing Guide:  

  1. The Leuchtie is placed on the dog as a closed ring and it is only necessary to open the collar for initial activation and battery replacement
  2. Measure the head NOT the neck
  3. Resize a normal adjustable collar so that you can place it over your dogs head and remove it without it being uncomfortable for your dog.
  4. Measure the inside of the adjustable collar with a flexible tape measure,as accurately as possible
  5. Now select the nearest size Leuchtie, remembering that there is only a very small amount of 'give' in the Leuchtie
The Leuchtie Plus LED Dog Collar is available in a variety of sizes to fit small, medium and large breeds of dog, and comes with a 2 year warranty against fault. With a burn-time of approximately 100 hours, battery changes will be few and far between. The Leuchtie Plus runs on standard AAA batteries for ease of replacement.