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Lupine Flexi Leads

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This Flexi brand retractable lead matches Lupine brand collars and harnesses. The Flexi brand is known as the industry leader in retractable leads, made with the highest quality materials and meticulous engineering. The Classic 1 offers 16' of freedom for dogs and small pets weighing up to 26 lbs. Features a recoil system which allows the cord to extend and retract automatically with your pet's movements. Press and hold the brake to stop the lead temporarily, or 'set' the brake with a push of your thumb to keep the lead at that length. Release with a flick of the thumb. 

  • Allows your pet the freedom to move while the inner spring smoothly keeps slight tension in the lead, lengthening and recoiling effortlessly
  • Patented Flexi braking system is ergonomic and easy to operate one-handed
  • Precision engineered and built in Germany

  • 16' cord-based retractable lead for pets up to44 lbs/20kg

  • 16' cord-based retractable lead for pets up to 26 lbs/12kg