Lupine Discontinued 1" Leads

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Lupine® 1" leads are made from strong 1" woven nylon, with quality fittings and to high standards of craftsmanship

Lupine ECO products are made from recycled bottles.

LupinePet Training Tab provides a convenient short 'handle' that can be left on your dog's collar, great for off leash training and dog sports. Doubles as a traffic lead for busy areas when you want to keep your pup close.

Lupine 2 foot leads are an excellent choice when walking your dog close to traffic or when you need to keep close control of your dog.

Like all Lupine products they come with the Even-If-Chewed® Guarantee  and are machine washable.

If this lead becomes damaged in any way,even if chewed by your dog, we will replace it free of charge!!