Lupine Discontinued 3/4" Roman Harnesses

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Roman Harnesses are just as suitable for sturdy smaller breeds, such as Westies and Lancashire Heelers as for the medium breeds, like Collies and Lurchers. They slip over the head and then buckle around the girth.
Lupine Roman dog harnesses are made from high quality woven nylon, with welded steel D- and O-rings and a heavy duty side-release clasp on the adjustable girth. 
To find the the best size range for your pet, measure around the rib cage, just behind the front legs, then add 5-10% extra for comfort.
Comes with the unique Lupine Even-If-Chewed® Guarantee and is machine washable
If this harness becomes damaged in any way,even if chewed by your dog, we will replace it free of charge!!