Natures Menu Treats

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Real meaty treats are in huge demand right across the country as they are so easy to pop into your pocket for an odd treat when out walking, training or playing games. 
Supplied in re-sealable packs to keep them fresh.
Pre-cut and easy to use in training toys or during lessons. The meat smell is a real knockout for your dog. 
Natures Menu treats are also free from the artificial flavourings and colourants often found in over-processed pet treats.

  • Wheat and Gluten free
  • Free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives
  • Great as a training treat or reward
  • Available singularly or in a multi-pack

Chicken: Made with 95% real chicken and pork.

Beef: Made with 95% real Beef and Pork

Lamb: Made with 95% real Lamb and Chicken

Individual Pack Size 60g.