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Skinneeeez Plus Dog Toys

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 Velour Snake Multi squeakers in this velvety soft, stuffing free dog toy. Ideal for medium to large dogs and multi pet households for interactive play.  Measures approx 31.5"/80cm in length. Random colour supplied

Durable Racoon Durable stuffing free  dog toy made with ballistic nylon. Full squeaker head and small squeaker in the tail. Approx 50cm in length
Plus Squirrel Combines the Skinneeez stuffing free concept with a 2 piece rubber body giving a full head & body squeak.  Squeakers keep on squeaking, even if punctured. Measures approx 15"/38cm in length.
Bungee Racoon Plush stuffing free dog toy with added stretch for interactive/multi dog play.  Squeakers in the head and tail. Measures approx 60cm in length