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Wacky Walk'r Small Dog Lead - Black & Silver Marble

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Made of stretchy latex derived from 100% natural rubber tubing as used in the fitness industry, this ergonomically correct lead relieves stress for both dog and walker. It offers a welcome relief from the 'jerk' of rigid leads. The gentle increase in tension when your dog pulls on the lead means the dog works against the lead and not against you, often reducing pulling over time. The 'kerb-side' handle lets you keep your dog close by your side when needed.

The Walk'r is a 4' lead suitable for rural walking, giving your dog plenty of movement. The 3' rubber tubing is reinforced and can stretch to a maximum of twice its size.

Choosing the right size of Wacky Walk'r Coupler

If the dog is a very strong puller and falls into the upper half of the range the next size up is recommended.

Care of your Wacky Walk'r

Latex is a natural material and may be affected by prolonged exposure to UV rays – do not store in direct sunlight. Clean with a damp cloth, or wash under running water. If soap is used, the latex should be reconditioned with a UV protectant.

Safety information

Wacky Walk'r products stretch to twice their length. It should be used with the size of animal indicated on the tag and should not be used with aggressive animals. The lead must not be used if nicks, tears or weaknesses appear.

Wacky Walk'r Sizing Guide

All Wacky Walk'r products need to be sized correctly to the weight of the dog. Ideally, the dog should never be able to extend the lead to it's full length. This way the dog works against the lead, rather than against your joints.

Please use the size guide below to choose the correct size for the weight of your dog. If your dog is a strong puller and his or her weight is towards the higher end of the weight scale, choose one size up. For example, if your dog weighs 23kg but is a strong puller, you should choose a size X-Large, rather than large.

Suitable for dogs weighing: 2.4kg to 5.4kg