Harmony Mist Diffuser
Harmony Mist Diffuser
Harmony Mist Diffuser

Harmony Mist Diffuser

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Set the tone of your surroundings to create that perfect atmosphere

Our Harmony mist diffuser disperses a steady, gentle mist into the air of the environment, removing any unwanted odours and replacing them with a natural, fresh smell created with essential oils.

The Harmony is a quiet device that can fit perfectly in any environment around your
home, office and working environment.

The colour changing feature can be set to individual colours, or a gradient mix.
For best results, use the Harmony Mist Diffuser with PowAir Liquids.

PowAir Liquids come in a concentrated state, so if too strong, dilute with water until satisfied with strength.

Key FeaturesL

Internal Timer Function, USB Powered, LED Changing Lights

Dimension - 11.7cm  x11.7cm x 11.2cm

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