Fluff & Tuff Medium Toys

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luff and Tuff are high quality, durable, plush stuffed dog toys – and thousands of customers agree!

Don't be fooled by our good looks. We've heard all about you tough guys that will tear our hearts out in minutes... blah blah blah... We have double -stitched reinforced seams, sewn eyes, durable mesh inner lining for our under amour and new non-toxic fibre stuffing for your enjoyment. We're great for playing with, but we're not made of rubber or rope and therefore we do not claim to be indestructible. 

If you like a bit of rough play, like fetch and tug, then stick with us. And when you're tired from your game, we make great pillows too!

Design & Construction: 

Fluff & Tuff are sophisticated high quality ultra-plush durable dog toys made of quality fabrics and precise construction specifications.

  • High quality, ultra plush outer fabric
  • Durable, thick inner mesh liner
  • Double stitched seams
  • Stitched eyes & no hard edges
  • Large durable squeaker heart
  • Machine washable
  • Playful design, size & fabric appeal to dogs 

Ross Brachiosaurus measures approx 14"/ 36cm in length

Ziggy Starfish measures approx 12"/31cm in width

Harriet Hedgehog measures approx 9"/ 23cm in length

Inca Alpaca measures approx 11"/ 28cm in length

Violet Unicorn measures  approx 9"/23cm in length

Helga Hippo measures approx 12"/ 31cm in length

Nelly Giraffe measures approx 13"/ 33cm in length

Manny Lobster measures approx 11"/28cm in length

Olympia Octopus measures approx 11"/28cm in height

Petey Pig measures approx 11"/28cm in length

Ruby Rainbow Trout measures approx 14"/ 36cm in length

Bianca Wolf Pup measures approx 11" /28cm in length

Mr Honey Bear measures approx 11" /28cm in height

Danny Dolphin measures approx 11" /28cm in height

Doc Koala measures approx 12"/ 31cm in length

Marcel Monkey is approx 13"/33cm in height

Shaggy the Highland Cow is approx 12"/ 31cm in length

Gordon Stingray measures approx 9"/ 23cm in length



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