Lupine Basics Training Leads/Long Lines

  • £14.99
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Extra long length allows your dog freedom and room for movement when they can not be off leash. Popular tool for training to develop recall, sport dog and hunting dog training and for use with reactive dogs. Training leads are often referred to as a long line leash, tracking long line, recall leash or check cord. 

Our ¾” wide Training Lead features a convenient traditional trigger snap. Premium components include:

  • GUARANTEED (even if chewed)
  • Simple, secure traditional trigger snap for easy D-ring attachment. 
  • Built-in swivel resists twisting
  • Stitching – Every Fiber Matters - Lupine utilizes the bar tack commonly used in mountain climbing products where superior strength is crucial.Welded steel hardware
  • Durable, Long Lasting Webbing - Made of premium woven nylon that’s soft, durable & washable.

Soft durable woven nylon - machine & hand washable and always tested for colour fastness. Lupine products are made in the USA and use the same durable components found in climbing and hiking gear, ensuring that you can count on Lupine time and time again. Lupine products will stand the rigours of time and keep your pet looking good too!


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