Naturals for Cat Willow & Catnip XL Ball

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Naturals for Cat Willow & Catnip XXL Ball

The Naturals Willow & Catnip Ball is a cat toy specially designed for cats to have fun and interact during playtime.
It helps you build a strong bond between you and your feline friend. It is made of catnip which is a plant that can easily catch the attention of your cat. It is capable of triggering a feeling of euphoria in cats and inducing them to engage in physical play. This is because the catnip plant contains a compound called nepetalactone. The compound has a strong fragrance that cats find irresistible. It triggers a reaction in their brains that produces a feeling of pleasure.
Getting involved in physical play may lead to an active lifestyle and will keep your cat fit and active. You can take the catnip ball in your hand and roll it down on the floor as you watch your cat get crazy for it. The inner hunter will be activated, relieving stress and will keep your cat occupied and entertained for hours.
Product Benefits
  • Made of 100% catnip
  • Keep the cat entrained and stress-free
  • Keep the cat active and helpful in attaining its attention

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