Leather Dog Collars with Inner Mesh to Protect Flea/Calming Collars

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Tuynec leather collars are are made by professional saddlers, manufactured by hand in their entirety with premium quality materials.

Stunning studded leather collars in their own right, these collars also feature an inner mesh layer which is designed to hold anti-parasite and calming collars.

Not only does this hide the unsightly plastic flea/tick/calming collar but it also increases the lifespan of the anti-parasite/calming collar,protecting it from wear and tear.

Tuynec collars have been approved by vets and extensively tested on dogs in order to ensure that they do not inhibit the action of anti-parasite/calming collars when inserted.

Available in 4 sizes and 4 colours

Small Fits Neck size - 30cm to 37cm

Medium Fits Neck size - 36cm to 45cm

Large Fits Neck size - 43cm to 52cm

Extra Large Fits Neck size - 51cm to 60cm