New Year Resolutions for you and your Dog!

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2020... a new decade for you and dog. Setting goals together with your pooch is a great way to bond and pick up mutually beneficial habits.

New year dog

Here’s some inspiration to get you started:

#1 Schedule a Health Check.

Just as we see our doctors regularly, it’s important for your dog to receive an annual check-up… These can be easily organised with local vets, as in most instances are a reasonable price for peace of mind your dog is healthy.

#2 Review Diet

A dog is very similar to us humans in that their diet should adapt accordingly to their age and lifestyle. So, we should review it to ensure we are receiving the correct nutrients to benefit our bodies. We are “Nature’s Menu” specialists and advocate a raw diet where possible, although we do appreciate this doesn’t always suit every dog and owner. We’d suggest you take a little time out to look at what is the best option for your pooch. Please feel free to call us on 01747 830021 if you’d like to chat with a real person or drop us an email 

#3 Enrichment

Dogs like human need mental stimulation just as much as physical activity. How about looking at investing in an enrichment toy or preparing enrichment-based games for you dog? Keep that grey matter ticking over… Just think of it like you reading a book, doing a crossword or sudoku, brain training or taking up a new hobby as part of your own resolutions. There are lots of enrichment ideas online and via social media. We actively promote West Paw Toys, they are great for adding some enrichment to your dogs daily routine

#4 Maintain a healthy weight

A proper diet and regular exercise routine are essentials for keeping your pet and yourself healthy and fit. Statistics are showing obesity is still on the rise in both the animal and canine kingdom… obesity increases health issues such as heart disease, high-blood pressure, diabetes, joint and mobility issues and respiratory problems.

#5 Enjoy the outdoors

Most dog breeds need at least an hour of physical activity each day… for both physical, psychological and emotional wellbeing. Exercise releases “happy” endorphins for both you and your pup. Fresh air…smells…adventure…and changes in scenery are all important stimulants for your dog, so what are you waiting for… get out in the outdoors and have some fun together!

#6 Stress Less

We can learn a lot from our pet’s carefree lifestyle… 20mins of playing, cuddling, stroking or snuggling on the sofa with our dogs… will reduce your stress levels and your dogs as well as improve both of your wellbeing. Studies show that interaction with your pet can increase levels of the stress-reducing hormone Oxytocin and decrease the production of the stress hormone Cortisol.

It’s amazing how a few small changes can make a massive impact to the wellbeing of you and your dog and we hope our suggestions are helpful. Having a dog in your life is a wonderful gift… so, make sure you’re allocating the time to enjoy it…. Happy New Year!

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