COYA Freeze Dried Adult Treats - 40g

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Changing raw feeding for good with our range of Freeze-Dried Raw food, toppers & treats for adult dogs.

Made from the freshest premium cuts of human grade meat plus specially selected fruit & vegetables, our range takes the benefits of raw feeding, the convenience of dry and gives your dog the best nutrition in the most convenient way.


Analytical constituents:

Beef with Sweet Potato: crude protein: 38%, crude fat: 48%, crude fibre: 0.5%, ash: 6%, moisture: 3.2%

Turkey with Pumpkin: crude protein: 48%, crude fat: 38%, crude fibre: 0.5%, ash: 4%, moisture: 3.6%

Pork with Pumpkin: crude protein: 44%, crude fat: 46%, crude fibre: 0.5%, ash: 4%, moisture: 3.5%


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