Hunger for Words:  Talking Pet Button Mat

Hunger for Words: Talking Pet Button Mat

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Keep your dog's speech buttons organized with this durable button mat. Includes foam mat with space for 6 buttons and puzzle-style connections for additional mats.
  • Organize Your Dog’s Speech Buttons!: Keep your talking pet buttons tidy and organized with this 2-piece set—includes 1 durable 6-button mat and 1 sheet of customizable labels!
  • One Mat or Many!: Use this mat on its own as you start your smart pet’s communication journey, or connect multiple mats to expand your button board!
  • Guide By Christina Hunger!: Follow along with expert advice written by Christina Hunger, speech therapist and creator of the talking dog movement!
  • Durable and Easy to Use!: Made from durable pet-safe foam, this mat features intuitively designed access holes that improve sound quality and make it easy to remove and reorganize your talking buttons for pets!

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