Litter Box Odour Block 170g

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This revolutionary odour removal solution is designed to combat the unpleasant smells associated with cat litter boxes. Utilising advanced technology and natural
ingredients, PowAir’s Odour Block effectively eliminates unwanted odours 24/7 from the atmosphere, rather than simply masking them with perfumes.

Its powerful formula targets even the toughest odours, such as cat spray and faeces smells, leaving behind a fresh and clean scent that enhances the environment
for both cats and their owners.

Top tip:
Our Cat Litter Tray Odour Destroyer Block works to eliminate odours around the litter tray. To neutralise unwanted urine odours and stains directly from the source, we recommend pairing this product with our enzymatic Urine Stain & Odour Spray. Simply spray in the litter tray after cleaning for effective odour removal.

Where to use the Cat Litter Odour Destroyer Gel:  

Home, Litter Tray, Vehicles, Groomers

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