Pet Odour Destroyer Gel

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Our 24/7 Pet Odour Neutraliser Gel is the ultimate solution for maintaining a fresh and welcoming home environment, even with furry friends around.

Specially formulated to combat pet odours, this innovative Gel harnesses the power of natural ingredients to neutralise unpleasant smells effectively and continuously.

With its 24/7 action lasting up to 60 days, simply place the Gel in any room frequented by unwanted pet odours, eliminating them completely, leaving behind a clean
and invigorating scent.

Using PowAir Gel with maximum efficiency.
The simplest way to use PowAir Gel is to remove the lid and leave it around the origin of the odour to naturally evaporate and disperse through the air (occasionally shake the jar to agitate the contents).

PowAir Gel can be decanted into multiple containers and positioned evenly around the area requiring treatment, increasing the effective coverage of odour neutraliser. 

Where to use the Pet Odour Destroyer Gel:  

Home, Office, Groomers

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