Spot Cat Toys

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Entertain your feline friend for hours with this range of fun cat toys.

Crinkle Kickers are infused with catnip & irresistibly crinkly. Medium-approx 35cm in length Large-approx 35cm in length

Flashing light ball is ideal for nighttime play. Motion activated. Approx 3.5cm in diameter. Instructions for use: Press the red switch to turn the toy on. The LEDs light up. After a few seconds of immobility, the lights go out. The LEDs will reactivate at the slightest movement.

To turn the toy off, press the switch again.

Glow Balls have ribbons attached to encourage your cat to chase and they glow in the dark. Approx 4cm in diameter

The 5-in-1 Laser Pointer is ideal for interactive play with your cat, has 5 different patterns: Smiley, Star, Mouse, Butterfly, and Dot. Irresistible for any kitty. Batteries included

Neon Mouse - 

Power Fish - 

Small Scratch Mouse 

Cat Nip - Dental Ball 

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